The Best Way To Learn Spanish On Your Own … In 12 Months Or Less!

So you’re looking for the best way to learn Spanish on your own?
In this post, you’ll learn – in detail – the exact steps you need to become fluent, including…
  • Best Spanish resources
  • Most effective study techniques
  • How much time to spend
I’ll break the process down into four stages (the same stages I used to become fluent in Spanish) – feel free to skip ahead if you’re not a complete beginner:
Sound good?
You’ll learn the process that experienced language learners use to study languages on their own – without following an expensive programme of study in a language school.
You also discover the best way to learn Spanish on your own without moving to Spain, talking to strangers on the street, or spending your life buried in books.
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Ready? Great!
Let’s look at an overview of the entire process. Then, I’ll explain each part in detail.
best way to learn Spanish on your own

Before We Get Started…

For the purposes of this post, I’m going to assume you’re a beginner, or false beginner (i.e. you studied a bit at school, but don’t remember much).
The time frame I’m working with is one year.
The aim in this time is to become conversationally fluent – to speak confidently and enjoy using Spanish in any daily situation, not to speak perfectly.
You can learn Spanish in more or less time, and will vary depending on the amount of work you put in. I’ve divided the year into four stages, which represent phases I reliably go through when learning a new language.
My guidelines assume you have one hour per day to dedicate to study. But as you’ll see, there’s scope for doing much more by utilising “dead time“.
This is all about the best way to learn Spanish on your own, which means you won’t be following a programme of study laid out by a teacher or school. What this doesn’t mean is learning in isolation. In order to learn to speak Spanish, you need to practise speaking with others, and this makes up an important part of the process I describe here.
I’ve learnt 8 foreign languages myself, and I work regularly with some of the world’s most accomplished polyglots.
That is to say, I know my stuff!
However, every learner is different. What you’ll find here is best described as a “picture of the stages of learning a language”.
You should take it more as an informative guide than a set of prescriptive instructions.

The Best Way To Learn Spanish On Your Own

Let’s have a quick reality check!
If you want to learn Spanish independently, you’re going to need a few things…
  • Motivation (to keep going)
  • Focus (to be effective)
  • Time (for everything to sink in)
Without these three things, it’s impossible to learn a language.
From all my work with language learners, there seems to be one killer way to set yourself up for success: Keep it simple!
With tonnes of Spanish websites, apps and courses out there, it can be tempting to jump from one to the next.
But there’s one golden rule to remember…
It’s usually more effective to calmly work your way through one book, or stick with one study method, than to try different things out of curiosity.
The focus you’ll get from this keeps self-doubt away, and helps you learn more deeply.